The Band Members





Well known in The Hague for he has serevd many hours on stages in the region.

He is the Guy who will tell/sing you the stories of the Blues.

Well known for his lazy timing and great voice




The guy with the lefthanded Strat or Telecaster.

Texas Shuffle desciple and he will be found most of the time just pouring out those crazy solo's that still amazes us all.

Volume crusher aswell and our silent Force.




The Rythme Master.

He sits behind a drumkit from the age of 13 and there is not much that he will not be able to play.

Theo always played Rock Music until about 5 years ago when he and Arnoud started playing together.

Well known for being the last one to leave for he is the one that allways will stick at the bar after the gig.




The second part of our rythme tandem.

Not seen without his hat and a Fender around his neck.

As been said, and we quote: He plays a lot of notes during one song.